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Dr. Kenneth Grossman and Community Hypnosis Center awarded "Best of Sacramento for Hypnotherapy Services" 8 years in a row.

Kenneth Grossman, PhD   Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dr. Grossman is offering Zoom Hypnotherapy sessions via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Since 1980, Dr. Kenneth Grossman has worked with over 50,000 private clients. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, he offers a highly personalized approach tailored to each of his client's individual needs.

In addition to private sessions, Dr. Grossman has conducted over 2,000 hypnotherapy group seminars world-wide, speaking to over one million attendees about the use of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, developing healthier eating and exercise habits, managing stress and dealing with life challenges. 

The Grossman Method helps people rapidly resolve the connection between early life experiences and conditioned patterns of thought and behavior. This results in rapid life change and personal growth. Unlike "talk therapy", that can continue for many months or even years, The Grossman Method can resolve issues quickly thus saving clients time and money.

Offering Clinical Hypnotherapy for a wide variety of issues...

Bad Habits
Communication Skills
Depression Help
Fears and Phobias
Grief and Loss
Health Issues
Healthy Eating
Self-Hypnosis Training 
Quit Smoking
Learning and Testing
Pain Relief
Personal Development
Personal Finance Personal
Pregnancy and Childbirth
Relationship Help 
Relaxation Techniques
Self Confidence
Self Esteem
Sexual Problems
Sleep Problems
Smoking Cessation
Social Anxiety
Sports Performance
Stress Management
Weight Loss  

Award-winning hypnotherapy for those who demand the very best.

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Qualifications: Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Certificates in both Lifestyle Weight Loss Management and Stress Management from Harvard University Medical School - Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University - Advanced Hypnotherapy Certificate from United Kingdom Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences - Licensed HypnoBand Provider - International Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor - Author of "Mind Over Nicotine: How to Quit Smoking the Easy Way", "Mastering the Art of Self-Hypnosis" and over 50 life changing Hypnotherapy audio programs - World renown seminar leader who has presented over 2,000 programs world-wide.



What past clients are saying:

Elite Athlete Wins 5 Medals at World Championships in Norway!
★★★★★*"Dr. Grossman is a miracle worker and will change your life! I am an elite athlete for the United States and without him I wouldn’t have won five medals in a world championship! Not only has he helped me in my athletic career but in my personal and family life as well. I would recommend him to any competitive athlete or athlete that competes in school sports, The preparedness and focus to excel will take you to new levels and really push your boundaries. I am looking forward to all the things I’m able to accomplish in the future and my positive outlook on life since I have started continual therapy with him!"
--Elisha Nelson

Lost Weight and Gained Confidence!
★★★★★*"Thank you for changing my life, not once but twice. It was 17 years ago that you helped my parents quit smoking and gain a new and healthy life. And now it has been 4 months since you and I started working together by phone. Since then, I have gained a new perspective on life. I have been able to focus on what is important and I have lost much more than just weight. You helped me gain confidence, and I now walk around a little lighter each day! Pun very much intended! :p Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything! For listening, for guiding me and for helping me take control of my life. I am so lucky to have found you!"
--Fabiana Aleman

"With Your Help I Was One of only 3.4% to Pass the California State Boards!"
★★★★★*”I saw you on March 8th for test anxiety because I was taking the California State Board Examination for Court Reporting. The test I took had the lowest pass rate of all time---only 3.4%! Because of my hypnosis sessions I went into the test feeling soooo confident. When I finished I was positive that I passed. Everyone else came out of the test crying and very upset. I got my test results in the mail and failed by two points. I requested a review and discovered they marked me off two points for capitalizing “Air Force” and marked three other things wrong that were right. I got the new letter last week and I passed! Because of my hypnosis session I never once imagined opening a letter that didn’t say “congratulations”. I swear I owe it all to you. I’m not sure I could have done it if I hadn’t seen you. Of the 6 of us who passed, 3 were already working court reporters from other states, so only us 3 were first time test takers. I just want to thank you so, so much for this. I really could never thank you enough. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I’m sending other students your way before the next test in July.”
--Miranda Rumsey

Stopped Smoking after 40 plus years!
★★★★★*"Just wanted to reach out and let you know that yesterday was three weeks since I visited you and had a private Hypnosis Session to Quit Smoking. Well, I left your office a Non-Smoker and remain today a Non-Smoker. It has been much easier than I expected. I am so happy to have this behind me. My husband and I listen to the recordings you sent and find them very helpful. Again thanks so much for your Hypnosis assistance in getting me to stop smoking after 40 plus years! Your friend,"
--Elisa Montes

Quit Drinking and Smoking!
★★★★★*"I’m doing very well, no thoughts of smoking or drinking! Feel kind of boring. I guess I need to get used to the new normal! Because of my success my best friend just made an appointment with you! Thanks again for everything!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST."
--Stacy Graves

77 Year Old Now Controlling Portions!
★★★★★*"I lost only three or four pounds so far, but I noticed some real changes in my eating pattern. The daily snacking pattern has changed. I can order a coffee and not feel the need to have a snack. Also, when I do snack I am able to either save half or discard half. I am also consuming more fruit and salads. Incidentally, I have also listened to the Self Confidence and Positive Attitude recordings this year and I see many benefits, among them the ability to express myself more clearly in phone conversations with strangers. Also, when working on home projects, such as replacing a light fixture, which I did today, I work with more patience and more methodically than I ever have before. Also, I seek out help and that is something which I had always been reluctant to do. Not bad for a 77 year old who never believed he could change."
--Steven Soloman

Stopped Smoking and STILL a Non-Smoker!
★★★★★*"I went to see you to stop smoking many years ago. I knew that I would never smoke again, I left a carton of cigarettes near a trash can on the way out. There were hundreds of packs of cigarettes spilling out of your trash can!"
--David Barfell

United States National Judo Championships
★★★★★*“I am a retired San Francisco police officer who is competing in the United States National Judo Championships. The private sessions I had with Dr. Grossman and the custom tape he made for me were absolutely fantastic! Perfect! Exactly what I needed and wanted. Only an accomplished martial artist like Dr. Grossman could have had the insight to make a program as good as the one he made for me. Thank you Dr. Grossman for taking the time to make my program perfect. I have the deepest of gratitude. If anyone is considering having hypnotherapy with Dr. Grossman feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want further information.”
--Neil Swendsen

Now Studying Hypnotherapy
★★★★★*"In 1992 you helped me to stop smoking. I am still smoke free today. Inspired by my success with your program, I'm now studying hypnotherapy. Imagine that!"

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Dr. Kenneth Grossman is the author of Mind Over Nicotine: How to Stop Smoking the Easy Way

What doctors are saying:

★★★★★ *”Dr. Grossman is a talented and internationally recognized hypnotist who has helped people with all kinds of concerns.*”
--Dr. Michael Mendelsohn, Doctor of Pharmacy

★★★★★ *”Dr. Kenneth Grossman is one of the very best I've ever heard. I love his non-pretentiousness. I come from a psychotherapy into hypnosis background and really appreciate his style.*”
--Dr. Robin Lane, Ed.D

★★★★★ *”I highly recommend Dr. Kenneth Grossman to anyone who wants to quit smoking.*”
—Dr. Gerald Vermeulen, MD Physician

★★★★★ *”This program helped me quit after 40 years of smoking 2 packs a day. This program is well explained and of great value.*”
—Dr. Frank L. Wilkie, MD Physician

★★★★★ *”With Dr. Grossman's help many of my patients have discontinued smoking.*”
—Dr. Kent Corral, MD Physician

★★★★★ *”Excellent explanation of hypnosis and the hypnotic process. By the end of the session I was a non-smoker easily and effectively.*”
—Dr. Steven Taller, MD Physician

★★★★★ *”Dr. Kenneth Grossman helped me quit smoking. I have become a believer! I strongly advise it to everyone who smokes.*”
—Dr.Joel Needleman, DDS Dentist

★★★★★ *"I am grateful to Dr. Grossman for developing his program. It will be extremely helpful and a real God send to many.*”
--Dr. Jerry A. White, Psy.D., LMFT Doctor of Psychology

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