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1. Hypnosis is not what you see in the movies. The Hollywood portrayal of hypnosis is false.

2. Hypnosis is a "Do-With" process not a "Do-To" one. This means that you never give up control, but instead work with someone to achieve a common goal.

3. Hypnosis is self-improvement. All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. A hypnotist doesn't do anything to their clients, they serve as a guide in a self-improvement process.

4. Hypnosis is proven effective through research using modern medical and scientific devices including MRIs, EEGs, and more.

5. Hypnosis is not a state of mind, it is a communication process. According to EEG research, the brainwaves experienced while in meditation, and hypnosis are identical. The difference is hypnosis uses this natural state to communicate positive new messages to the mind while it is in a relaxed and receptive state. Meditation is used to quiet the mind. Same brainwaves just different uses.

6. Hypnosis makes use of naturally occurring brainwaves that everyone experiences each day. Science has determined that the human brain oscillates between 4 brainwaves every day of your life. These brainwaves are Beta (full alertness), Alpha (relaxed awareness), Theta (deep relaxation, dream state), and Delta (unconscious deep sleep).

7. Hypnosis makes use of alpha and theta brainwaves. These are the learning states when the mind is relaxed and simply absorbing information without conscious effort. Alpha and theta are the dominate brainwaves children experience. While in these learning states all day long, children are able to soak up massive amounts of information and achieve amazing feats in learning such as language development. This relaxed state of mind makes it easier for new information to be accepted and acted upon because it is not going through the analytical filters that are in place when adults are fully alert or in beta brainwaves.

8. Hypnosis accelerates learning because it guides people back to the same learning states everyone experienced as a child in order to make use of this natural resource within all of us. When you learn how to relax your mind, you become more suggestible and increase your ability to learn useful information that can benefit you. When you are more suggestible it makes it easier to absorb, accept, and act upon the new positive thoughts and behaviors.

9. Hypnosis is mental fitness for your mind and not a quick fix. While it can create immediate and noticeable improvements after just one session, it is more advantageous to think of this as daily activity. You can't expect to go to a gym one time and have the ideal body or consider yourself physical fit. The same rule applies to your mind. The mind is like any other muscle. It needs exercised to get stronger, change old negative thought processes, and be trained to keep you moving towards your goals with a positive mental attitude.

10. Hypnosis can help everybody. If you have the ability to listen, follow instructions, and enjoy relaxation then you can be hypnotized and benefit from hypnosis.