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How to Visualize For Success with Hypnosis

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve...with P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude)" - W. Clement Stone

If you want to change something about your life, change the negative programming in your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind controls your habits, your automatic body functions, your emotions, your beliefs, and your self-image. It's the storehouse of your memories.

We change the subconscious through repetition. We can use words, pictures, mental movies, symbols and emotions. Some people say they can't see pictures or mental movies in their imaginations. I've found that they can learn--very quickly--how to visualize.

I begin by telling the client we are going to do a short experiment that may help her to visualize. I tell her she can't do this experiment right and she can't do it wrong. Whatever happens is perfectly alright.

This relaxes the client and puts her at ease.

I'll ask her to take a breath or two and close her eyes. I ask the client to imagine she is standing on the street in front of her house. She is looking at the front door of her house. I ask her to describe her front door.

Clients who told me moments ago they couldn't visualize start to describe the door in wonderful detail.

For example, a client who told me moments ago she could not visualize might say "The door is red. It is made out of wood. It has 3 frosted windows at the top. It has a brass knob on the right side. Around the door is a brown frame. Next to the door are flowers in a clay pot."

I ask the client if there is room in front of the door to place a chair.

I ask her to place any type of chair in front of the door, and position the chair so that if a person were to sit in the chair they would be facing her. She is still out on the street looking at the house. I ask the client to nod when the chair is in place.

Within seconds she nods. I ask her to describe the chair. She usually does in great detail.

After she describes the chair I ask her to place a cushion on the chair--and when she has done so to nod her head. When she nods I ask what color is the cushion. When she tells me, I ask her to change the color of the cushion and nod when she has done so.

They I ask her to place a person of the opposite sex in the chair. It can be anyone who is now living, or who has ever lived. I ask her to have the person in the chair looking at her and smiling.

Then I ask the client to telepathically accept a message from the person sitting in the chair. At this point it is not unusual for the client to shed tears. Most of the messages are very personal. Often they are from a deceased mother, father or spouse. Sometimes the person is Jesus or the Virgin Mary. The message is always positive and encouraging.

Then I ask the client to open her eyes and share the message with me-if she wants to.

We'll then talk briefly about the experiment. The client-who just told me she could not visualize-is amazed at her ability to visualize during this simple exercise. She's always had this ability and uses it every day. She just didn't know it.

Then I'll have her close her eyes again and ask her to think about some things that I will mention. This time she is to use all her senses to the best of her ability; sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

I begin by asking her to think about a classroom when she was a child.

Then I ask her to imagine that she is kicking a tin can.

Then I ask her to imagine she is holding a piece of soft fur.

Then I ask her to imagine the face of a baby.

Then, I ask her to imagine opening and pouring a carbonated beverage.

Then, I ask her to imagine she cuts an orange into 5 sections, places one section in her mouth and then arranges the other four sections on a yellow plate.

Finally I ask her to imagine that she plants a seed in dark, rich, loamy soil--then covers the seed, waters it and watches as it grows into a plant.

Then I ask her to open her eyes and we talk about the experiment. After a few minutes discussion the client knows she can not only visualize but she can use her senses of hearing, taste, touch and smell.

The two experiments take about 5 to 8 minutes of our first session together and is time very well spent. No matter what direction the hypnotherapy takes my client is convinced that she can use her imagination to make positive changes in her life.

I encourage you to go through the experiments by yourself and discover for yourself how easy it is to learn to visualize for success. This is what professional and Olympic athletes do every day to become the best at their sport.

If we want to be it, see it! Right now I can visualize you listening to and enjoying my hypnosis programs. I can see your life changing for the better. You are becoming a non-smoker. You are getting leaner, stronger and healthier as you exercise more and lose weight. You are doing better in school and better on the golf course.