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Hypnotherapy Is An Ideal Treatment For Anxiety And Panic Attacks


If you have an anxiety or panic disorder you are not alone: Over 40 million adults in the U.S. struggle with some form of anxiety. There are multiple methods to treat anxiety.

Talk therapy is perhaps the most popular mainstream treatment. While talk therapy proves effective for some, it can take months to work. Medication is often prescribed, but all medication has side effects--as noted in the television commercials touting the numerous anxiety medications. Thankfully there are other alternative therapies. Perhaps the most common, yet most misunderstood, form of alternative anxiety treatment is hypnotherapy.

Don't dismiss hypnotherapy as a form of entertainment. Certified hypnotherapists like Dr. Kenneth Grossman help people with anxiety and panic disorder by reaching the subconscious through induced hypnotic trance states. Hypnotherapy is effective, affordable, works rapidly and has no side effects.


The hypnotherapist puts the patient in a "trance state" which is state of mental and physical relaxation. During the trance state, the conscious mind-the part of your mind that's reading this-is encouraged to rest while the subconscious mind comes to the forefront. In a trance state your mind is most susceptible to suggestions.


Several physical traits occur during an active trance state, including:


· Decreased heart rate

· Lower blood pressure

· Total muscle relaxation

· Rapid eye movement

· Slow, deep, rhythmical respiration

· Calm relaxed speaking

· Calm, relaxed thinking

The relaxed environment hypnotherapy offers is a safe treatment for anxiety. Hypnosis is the opposite of anxiety. Reaching a trance state requires practice. While hypnotized our conscious and subconscious minds are always listening. It is completely safe. In fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Your therapist simply acts as your guide helping you to achieve total relaxation.


If you struggle with anxiety, or have been experiencing panic attacks, hypnotherapy may be just be the cure you've been looking for. Contact Dr. Kenneth Grossman at www.CommunityHypnosisCenter.com">www.CommunityHypnosisCenter.com or call 800-810-5936 for more information or to schedule your evaluation session.