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Live HIPPA Compliant Tele-Hypnotherapy

Live Video Hypnotherapy offered by Dr. Kenneth Grossman and the Community Hypnosis Center from anywhere in the world.

We provide HIPAA compliant secure live video hypnotherapy sessions from anywhere in the world!

Whether you are a new client or an existing client we now offer HIPPA compliant, secure hypnotherapy by video conference.

For new clients: You are required to have an account with the Online Video portal in order for us to meet for hypnotherapy video sessions.

To begin the account creation proccess Click Here to enter your information or contact us Here and we will set up the account for you.

For existing clients: Login Here to access your account.

Click Here to schedule a Live Video Session!

Recommendations for Online Video Sessions:
1. Use a Laptop, PC or Mac less than 3 years old.
2. A wired internet connection or strong and reliable wireless connection is necessary.
3. Use Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser when using the service (click the names to download).
4. Have a webcam set up and ready to go on your computer. Most laptops have this built in and require little to no setup.
5. Find a quiet, well-lit room without distractions and away from others during the session.

Steps for checking into your Online Video Session:
1. Login to your account.
2. Navigate to the calendar and click on your appointment to locate the Check In button.
3. Click Check In to enter the virtual room where we will meet for the session.
4. Locate the chat feature in the bottom right corner to communicate with me before beginning the session.
5. When we are ready to begin press Start Session to activate your microphone and camera.

Click Here for more information about Tele-Health.

Helpful Forms

Click here to view and print forms for your appointment.

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