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Mind Over Nicotine Book


Sacramento, CA Jan 2, 2015 According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, seven out of ten smokers in the United States want to quit. With the coming of a new year, many smokers vow to stop smoking, but it can be a difficult road to finally quit. Author Dr. Kenneth Grossman is proud to announce the release of his new book, Mind Over Nicotine. The book helps people to gain control over their lives and to create positive changes, which provides the needed encouragement for 2015.

The book takes a unique approach by focusing on the mind. Dr. Grossman understands smokers and teaches readers how to quit once and for all, even when they have tried a variety of methods and products before. By specifically targeting the mind, the journey to successfully quit smoking becomes a reality. The book teaches about the subconscious mind and how to take control of thoughts to achieve a goal. Additionally, the book comes with a bonus of information regarding stress reduction, which is one of the leading reasons why people pick up the habit of smoking.

Topics covered in the book include Dr. Grossman's personal struggle with smoking and how he quit thirty years ago with hypnosis, how to counteract the effects of stress, why people aren't really "nicotine junkies" who require drugs as the medical community commonly believes, and lies the tobacco industry tells the public, among others.

Within a short time of its release, the book has accumulated a vast amount of positive reviews from readers who were personally affected. According to reader Joseph Raby, "While I've tried many other methods to stop smoking, including e-cigs as well as reading dozens of other books, articles, and blogs, nothing has helped me stop smoking more than this book. If you are trying to quit smoking or there is a smoker in your life who is thinking of quitting, then you must get this book."

Dr. Kenneth Grossman is a world renowned Hypnotherapist who has helped hundreds of thousands of people to quit smoking through private sessions, seminars and audio programs. Dr. Grossman is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and he holds a PhD in clinical hypnotherapy and Certifications from Harvard University Medical School and Cornell University. He is dedicated to help people build healthier lifestyles by using his own personal testimonial and experience in the field. According to Dr. Grossman, "I hope this book helps people to quit smoking, the single most important thing they can ever do to improve their health."

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