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What is tele-hypnotherapy?

When a health care provider offers services to their clients online like video calls,messaging, instant chatting, and an online client portal that is telehealth.

The healthcare provider is performing the same services as they would in person, but they are using technology to do it remotely. This can be done as a replacement or supplement to in-person care.

Will my information be secure?

When using the Tele-Counseling software we've made available, your information will be secure and our software complies with the regulations that govern HIPAA and HITECH standards.

Is online hypnotherapy comparable to in-person care?

Research shows that online care is comparable to in-person care and in some cases can produce even better results for behavioral health clients because being at home is more comfortable than coming into the office.

How does seeing my provider online benefit me?

Engaging with your provider online can benefit you in a number of ways from eliminating your commute to making your provider more easily accessible to you. Our solution allows you to instantly chat with your provider, send secure messages and get reminders about online appointments putting your care in your hands.

What are the technical requirements?

In order to use Tele-Hypnosis we recommend you use a device that is 3 years or newer and able to connect to the internet through a browser (Firefox or Chrome). This can be a laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC).

What should I do before my first session?

  • Check to make sure your device meets system requirements.

  • Complete your registration and account setup.

  • Perform a test call with our Support Representative.

  • Communicate with your provider about any other necessary actions they may


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